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MANUEL ASPIDI was born in Livorno in 1987. He began studying singing at the age of 6 and, at just 15, he is already the winner of numerous singing competitions. In 1999 he began to study light music (Pop – Blues – Soul) and, at the same time, he appeared as a protagonist in the panorama of opera music. He is the first dramatic tenor in the choir of Maestro Preziosi, interpreter of operas including Beethoven’s La Nona, Madame Butterfly, Carmina Burana, Vivaldi, Don Pasquale and la Norma, toured theaters throughout Italy.

In 2006, nineteen-year-old joined the cast of the 6th edition of the Talent Show “Amici” by Maria De Filippi.  The unreleased “Soli a metà“, which he played, is stationed for 4 months at the top of the charts, becoming a hit of the summer.

It is the program’s first successful album and receives 2 Gold And Platinum Records.

He later recorded the song “Not like me” written by Nick Scotti, author and collaborator of Madonna, a piece at the center of a service made by the Verissimo broadcast of Canale 5.

In 2010 he recorded his second unpublished italian “Che Senso Ha“, written by Niccolò Agliardi that eases him a good air play on radio.

In 2011 it was the turn of the third single entitled “Non ci aspettiamo più“, also by Agliardi.

In 2012 the single “Notte di luglio” was released for Edel, written by Pierdavide Carone,

In 2016 he presented himself at the blind auditions of The Voice of Italy with the song “Love Runs Out” by One Republic. All 4 coaches turn around and Manuel, among them, chooses Raffaella Carrà. On the knockout episode, coach Raffaella Carrà decided, amid the disapproval of the audience and viewers, to end the path of Manuel, who performs by performing Areosmith’sI don’t wont to miss a thing” and leaving the talent to the heartfelt applause of the audience. The video of that interpretation in just 8 days reaches 100,000 views on YouTube

In May 2018 it was released on the London record label THOMAS MUSIC & ART with the song “L’Uso delle Mani dedicated to all women victims of feminicide. 

The video of the song totals over 1 million views, exactly one million and one hundred thousand, demonstrating the fact that Manuel is followed and loved by many fans.

2019 also under the THOMAS MUSIC & ART record label opens for Manuel an ambitious project of international scope, enclosed in the EP entitled “Libero (I’m Free)“, which the singer introduces to the public with the launch of the single “Un angelo per me“: released on January 24, 2019 he has totaled over 300 thousand views on the artist’s YouTube channel. 

The latest success, in temporal order, is the video of the single “Libero (I’m Free)“, which gives its name to the EP: released on April 8, 2019, in less than a month it exceeded 17 thousand streams on Spotify and recorded over 250 thousand views on the singer’s YouTube channel, managing to climb, day after day, the national independent air play chart.

On May 19, 2019, the EP was released under the title LIBERO (I’M FREE) containing 6 tracks. The EP immediately enjoyed enormous success, surpassing over 110,000 Spotify streams in a very short time.

On October 14, 2019, the single LET OUT THIS LIGHT (written by Julian Victor Hinton, author and composer of Robbie Williams and others) was released worldwide, leaving the U.S. market speechless for Manuel’s vocality. Below are some reviews in US magazines:

The official video of LET OUT THIS LIGHT is shot entirely and by choice in the city of Livorno, manuel’s hometown where the mayor of the city wanted to reward him and hold a press conference for the great contribution made to the city The video quickly reaches between YouTube and Facebook 6,000,000 views and thousands of shares and hundreds of comments all positive and is broadcast by over 80 TVs around the world including the well-known Tv Music Choise: –

The single enters not even a week in the TOP 50 WORLD ADULT CONTEMPORARY chart among the most important names on the International scene and remains there for over 4 months. Below is the example of a video interview given in the LEGGO studios:

Given the great results in December 2019 MANUEL is invited to run for Telethon on RaiUno performing with the single LET OUT THIS LIGHT. He is also interviewed by John Vignola in the Rai Radio 1 music program.

In addition to the fans, literally in delirium for Manuel – on social networks they wrote a lot of comments, all positive – the single was enthusiastically welcomed by Mickey Feat, Julian Victor Hinton (British author, arranger and producer who collaborated with the likes of Robbie Williams, Trevor Horn, Seal etc.) Alan Clark and Phil Palmer – historical columns of Dire Straits – and Numa (as well as the artistic director of the entire EP), who also edited the production, musical composition and arrangements and who, in video clip dedicated to highlighted Manuel’s extraordinary vocal skills.

On 2020, June 5 he released “LAST CALL” the new single in collaboration with WWF ITALIA The song is released on the occasion of World Environment Day 2020 (World Environment Day) festivities proclaimed in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly, and the entire proceeds from the sales of the song, which on the same day will also be launched in the Us market, will be donated to WWF Italia

In this regard, Red Ronnie, the environmentalist par excellence, chooses for the second time to invite Manuel in his program “Barone Rosso” precisely to talk about the new single LAST CALL

On 25 November 2020 an important Christmas music single entitled THIS CHRISTMAS (which I am attaching to this mail) will be launched internationally, again in collaboration with Phil Palmer (of the historic English band Dire Straits) who is the author and music producer of the song. MANUEL through this song wants to spread a message of good wishes and hope to all people given the delicate moment of now and since it will surely be a different Christmas than usual.

11 May 2021 the single SOLI A META’ 2.0 is released. The single written by Salvatore Taormina and Giusy La Piana has a great significance for Manuel since, the first unpublished one assigned to him to Amici, it immediately met the favor of the public, finding considerable and lasting success and that is why he wanted to propose it again in a totally new version that it will surely return to embrace many hearts as it has already happened in the past.

January 26, 2022 the single NON PASSERA’ is released, an unreleased song by the artist ALEX BARONI who is also the author of the text together with Piero and Massimo Calabrese and Marco Rinalduzzi. The song leaves Manuel fans and Alex’s fan club speechless.


His warm, soft, enveloping and at the same time scratchy voice is reminiscent of that of the late Alex Baroni, but also has many similarities with the tonal nuances of Stevie Wonder

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